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Version 2010 - Emission Statement Exporter Software


Retrieving emission statement data from NJ Radius has never been easier with Emission Statement Exporter for Radius! As soon as this program is launched it automatically connects to the user’s Radius data and displays all of the available emission statement documents. Exporting an emission statement to Excel is as simple as highlighting the desired document and pressing the Export Report button. The selected document is instantly retrieved from Radius and sent to Excel ready for use.

An example emission statement in Excel is shown below. Several worksheets are created based upon the different types of records that exist. One advantage to having an emission statement in Excel is that it can be used in preparing for next year's emission statement. The Excel file that is created during the export contains several macros that have been designed to assist the user as he or she goes about the process of reviewing the emission statement data or making changes in preparation for the next year's emission statement. Changes made to emission statement values are displayed in blue text and can be easily identified as the change and review process is performed.

Once an emission statement has been exported into Excel and revised to reflect the next year's factory operation then the data can be re-entered into RADIUS to create next year's emission statement.  Mitchell Scientific, Inc. has the technology to do this electronically.

For example, suppose a company would like to have their 2010 Emission Statement prepared using this approach.

(1) The customer exports the 2009 Emission Statement from Radius into Excel using Emission Statement Exporter for RADIUS and makes the necessary changes to reflect the 2010 operation. 

(2) The completed 2010 emission statement in Excel along with a copy of the 2009 Emission Statement from RADIUS are sent to Mitchell Scientific for processing.

(3) Mitchell Scientific will create the 2010 Emission Statement in RADIUS using the customer's original 2009 Emission Statement and the 2010 Emission Statement data contained in Excel.

(4) Mitchell Scientific will then send the RADIUS export of the completed 2010 Emission Statement back to the customer for review.

(5) The customer then uploads the 2010 Emission Statement (from Mitchell Scientific) into Radius for their review. Once in RADIUS, the customer export the 2010 Emission Statement back into Excel (using Emission Statement Exporter for RADIUS) for additional validation checks.

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