Aquas INC.

Aquas INC.

Version AQWEB Series - Web Communication and Monitoring Software


AQWEB WEB operation and monitoring software is designed fully compatible with comprehensive range of AQUAS products, consisting with remote configuration, monitoring, control, Google Earth fusion display, data query, statistical analysis, transient pressure analysis, time series trend and tabular report functions. AQWEB provide user-friendly WEB solution to make faster operation, monitoring, diagnostics and analysis across the complete water applications from  anytime and anywhere. For highly distributed application structure such as water/wastewater, oil and gas, it is very efficient to use AQWEB as normal operator stations on the internet.

  • 100% Web navigation on a platform including iPhone,iPad, BlackBerry, android, IE, Safari
  •  Remote monitoring, configuration and control
  •  Real-time data and alarm update within 1 sec via event-driven communication
  •  No limit of Inttanet/Internet clients
  •  Analysis and report functions
  •  Customized diagrams and pictures import and display
  •  GIS import, mapping, contouring and visualization
  •  High internet security standard

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