Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S

Version BZ-5503 - Measurement Partner Suite


Measurement Partner Suite comes as standard with Types 2250, 2270 and 2250 Light instruments. It is Brüel & Kjær’s state-of-the-art data viewing and post-processing toolbox for Environmental noise and vibration professionals, designed to give the quickest route from measurement data to finished report. The standard configuration, which is free to all users, provides data archiving, preview, and export capabilities, as well as software maintenance and remote online display. In addition to the standard configuration, optional Logging, Spectrum and WAV file analysis modules are available on a time-limited subscription basis. These modules add advanced post-processing capability to Measurement Partner suite helping you quickly complete your post processing tasks.

  • Data download, viewing and archiving
  • Sound level meter software maintenance
  • Online display and remote access and operation
  • In-office post-processing and export to other formats

  • Import, archive, display and export
  • Overview of archives and users
  • Detailed view of data
  • Exporting of annotations (notes, metadata, etc.)
  • 'Pack and go' for e-mail exchange of archives
  • Resumable downloads (Type 2250/70 software version 4)
  • View GPS coordinates in Google Maps™
  • Advanced support of WAV files
  • Optional subscription based post-processing modules

Support of your Type 2250, 2270 and Light with free viewer
Your instrument is only complete with the latest version of Measurement Partner! It is designed to support and compliment the valuable investment you make in your instrument. The basic free configuration is available to all users provides data archiving, preview and export capabilities, as well as software maintenance and remote online display.


Configure your analysis requirements with subscription modules

While any data measured with a Types 2250, 2270 or 2250 Light can be viewed with Measurement Partner Suite, you need to subscribe to the post-processing modules that are relevant for you. These modules are specifically designed to save you time during post-processing, by efficiently helping you get to the result of your measurement.  And if your subscription products lapse, don’t worry - you can simply re-subscribe at a later date - there is no penalty.


Dongle-free convenience
The licensing system is based on instrument serial numbers, so there is no need for dongles or for locking the licence to PC host IDs. License files can be copied to any PC where Measurement Partner Suite is installed, and each subscription product relates to one instrument only.

Logging module (A license)
The logging module is relevant for customers who have either logging license BZ-7224 or Enhanced logging license BZ-7225. Based around the marker and report wizard, it allows users full functionality when working with all kinds of markers including data from weather stations. See tone and impulse occurrences marked in your profile.

Users with the logging module have the option of scheduling remote automatic download of data from the instrument.


Spectrum module (B license)

The Spectrum module is for users who need to work with their FFT or CPB spectra during post processing. Apply post weighting, convert 1/3 to 1/1 octave or perform standardised tone analysis on your data. And if you’ve an FFT spectrum that needs converting to a CPB, this is also just one click.


WAV file analysis module (C license)

The WAV file analysis module adds a completely new functionality to Measurement Partner. Users with the BZ-7226 Signal recording option on the instrument can now perform a tone assessment on the WAV file itself. If you’re a logging module subscriber, you can even select the portion or portions of the WAV file your analysis is based on.

Comfortably replay all recordings
Play all signal recordings and audio annotations including 24-bit signal recordings. Challenging low-level sounds are easy to hear with a smart volume control that digitally increases signal volume by scaling the bits and bytes in the signal.


The simplest file Sharing
Sharing measurement projects is easy using the ‘pack-and-go’ capability.  Attach to an email and send to your colleagues or customers. Clicking on the attachement will automatically create a new Archive with the measurement data you wanted to share.


Video portal and demo data
Get the most out of your PC software. Learn how to use Measurement Partner Suite with the Video portal and demo data