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The software modul DTM is a powerful tool for the processing of huge amounts of data. Thereby the creation of the 3D-terrain model is just as flexible as the administration of data and the presentation.

The calculation of the triangle mesh can occur from different basic elements, for example from:

  • points (in a drawing or from a measuring point file),
  • points and breaking edges,
  • breaking edges, e.g. contours without points or
  • laserscan-data.

Furthermore it is distinguished whether the DTM should be stored in a drawing, in an external file or in a software-sided database.

Through the external data export it is possible to process huge amounts of data and to exemplify these. Concerning the number of points the triangle mesh is not limited. Even constitutive functions are in a complete range available, like the generation of terrain profiles, the calculation of masses or the creation of contours. In doing so the appropriate information is analysed and presented in the CAD.

The later insertion and deletion of points is at all times possible. The software permits also the adoption of digital terrain models from other projects. A smooth data exchange with other programs over REB or XML is ensured. Further software modules of BBSoft® make terrain profiles, DTM-analyses (e.g. with contours and inclination arrows) and mass calculations possible.

The coloured configuration of the calculated 3D-surfaces can be conducted individually. It is possible to induce several 3D-models in only one drawing. Thereby the composition of dumps or layers of earth is essentially simplified.

In every place the terrain height in the 3D-model can be interrogated. On demand the program includes 2D-elements in the terrain model, e.g. intended building-corners or manholes. The embankment inclination can be simulated during the landing of pits or earth reservoirs. This embankment is also a component of the DTM.

Different plausibility checks allow the search after cutting breaking edges and holes. Mostly these functions are only needed for external or rather imported terrain models.

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