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Version ERACS - Electrical Power Systems Analysis Software


ERACS is ERA’s suite of power systems analysis software. It allows users to simulate electrical power system networks quickly and easily to judge their correct, safe and timely operation. ERACS software is at the forefront of development taking account of both the continuing pressure for ever easier operational software and the increasing technical needs of modern engineering. The name ERACS is synonymous with quality, reliability, accuracy, ease of operation and adaptability to changing market needs.

  • In constant use by experienced ERA power engineers for system study purposes
  • Direct input by ERA power engineers ensure that ERACS program development incorporates best practice currently in use within the electrical industry
  • Diverse user base (including offshore, marine, mining, utilities, transport and academia)
  • Direct access to ERA’s own leading power systems engineers for technical support
  • Developed by software engineers with a great depth of technical understanding
  • Constantly moving forward, providing real benefits in terms of reduced study times and improved technical capability to users
  • Support team prides itself on its fast response time to technical queries from its software users.

Using ERACS to conduct power system analysis, customers are able to:

  • Save costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve system quality
  • Increase reliability and safety

The following program modules and options are available:

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Loadflow
  • Fault (classical)
  • Fault IEC909
  • Arc Flash Hazard
  • Harmonic G5/4
  • Harmonic Injection
  • Harmonic Impedance
  • Transient Stability
  • Protection Co-ordination
  • Universal Dynamic Modeller (for AVR and Governor modelling)
  • Stand Alone or Network Versions
  • 10, 50, 100, 150, 300, 500, and 1500 Busbar Versions.

ERACS is fully customisable so you can choose the features that you really need. Our pricing depends upon the network size (i.e. number of busbars) and the program modules selected so contact us if you would like a pricing quote.

ERACS software is PC-based, fully integrated and has an easy to use interface. The data is entered once only in a central database, making data management a very simple procedure. Networks for simulation by ERACS may be either radial or fully interconnected systems or a mixture of both (HV to LV).

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