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Version GEOsys - Multifunctional, Free Programable Controlling and Data Acquisition Software


Multifunctional, free programable controlling and data acquisition software with report function for static and dynamic tests. One unique platform for all kinds of material testing (soil, rock, construction, asphalt) with dynamic and static applications. The program supports numerous hardware and laboratory devices of familiar manufacturers. An upgrade and incorporation of existing. devices into the system is possible.

  • Platform independent design
  • Optional interface enabling to integrate additional hardware
  • User roles for easiest handling
  • Modular composition of the test procedure
    • Management of hardware components
    • User supplied, calculated measurands
    • Easy to use front end for defining test procedures
    • Interactive handling
    • Data acquisition
  • Display elements
    • Numerous ways of displaying current and reference values
    • Diagrams consisting of various plots of arbitrary channels and scaling. Presentation can be widely adopted to users’ needs
    • Monitoring of individual channels and their activity with digital oscillograph
    • Content of logs is displayed as tables
    • Tree view for tracking the state of a test
    • Screen layout can be adjusted by the user. Therefore the available screen space can be split vertically and horizontally and display elements may be stacked
  • Large asortment of available test specifications (static and dynamic):
    • Triaxial tests, static and dynamic (CU, UU, CD)
    • Uniaxial compression tests
    • Compression tests, oedometer tests
    • Swell and swell pressure tests
    • Direct-Residual shear test
    • Simple shear test
    • Ring shear test
    • Cyclic residual shear test
    • Laboratory shear vane test
    • CBR test
    • Unbount material
    • Hollow-Cylinder

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