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Version GeoTest - Software for Controling Geoelectric Tomography


GeoTest is a software for controling geoelectric equipment in combination with many electrodes. This type of geoelectric measurement is called 'Multielectrode Geoelectrics'. Using two-dimensional or three-dimensional inversion techniques additionally for evaluation, this method is known as 'Geoelectric Tomography

GeoTest runs on desktop or notebook PCs with Windows 95 (TM) or later operating systems. The hardware specifications are not critical. Recommended minimum RAM is 512 MBytes. Depending on the kind of geoelectrical equipment, specific interfaces (RS232, USB) are needed.


GeoTest supports hardware manufactured by “LGM - Lippmann Geophysical Equipment”:

  • 4-point light hp / 4-point light 10W: a high power, low cost induced polarization earth resistivity meter in a small package: for Schlumberger soundings up to L/2 = 1 km; for mapping, monitoring, geoelectric tomography, lab work, induced polarization measurements, archeology
  • ActEle: active electrodes for electrical resistivity tomography with direct interface for 4point light hp / 10W. Can be used to upgrade existing earth resistivity meters to state-of-the-art tomography systems.
  • Supports up to 255 electrodes for profiling lengths up to appr. 1000 m.

We recommend the inversion software Res2DInv and Res3DInv for interpretation of geoelectric tomography measurements:

  • Res2DInv supports 2-dimensional depth sections.
  • the “Res2DInv only” license includes limited use of the Res3DInv 3D inversion program
  • Res3DInv supports 3-dimensional investigations
  • Supports on land, underwater and cross-borehole surveys
  • Supports the Wenner (alpha,beta,gamma), Wenner-Schlumberger, pole-pole, pole-dipole, inline dipole-dipole, equatorial dipole-dipole and non-conventional arrays.
  • Supports exact geometry factors in case of 2-electrode or 3-electrode configurations
  • Supports exact and approximate least-squares optimisation methods
  • Supports smooth and sharp contrasts inversions
  • Supports up to 16000 electrodes and 21000 data points on computers with 1GB RAM
  • Seamless inversion of very long survey lines using sparse inversion techniques
  • Supports topography

  • 1 licence = 1100 EUR. 
    This fee includes the licence for using Geotest in combination with one geoelectric measurement device. 
    The user may install Geotest on more than one computer without an additional charge. 
    Future updates of Geotest will be available without additional charges by download from our website.
  • Registration: Each computer running Geotest must be registered. 
    Registration is done by delivering a software key by default. 
    Alternatively, an optional hardware key (USB dongle, 80 EUR) may be used.
  • additional licence = 550 EUR 
    This fee is for the 2nd or following licence. Each geoelectrical device needs an own Geotest licence. Example: if the user has 2 geoelectrical devices, he also needs 2 Geotest licences.

  • Complete package for state-of-the-art Geoelectrical Tomography consting of:
    • hardware: 4-point light hp + ActEle (up to 255 electrodes) and 
    • measurement software GeoTest and
    • Inversion software ResXDInv
  • Software package consisting of 
    • measurement software GeoTest and
    • Inversion software ResXDInv


GeoTest supports multielectrode measurements along a profile line (profiling, sounding), along 2-D grids (mapping), automatic time dependent measurements (monitoring) as well as GPS position measurements. Also custom made measurements are possible.

GeoTest supports hardware manufactured by “LGM - Lippmann Geophysical Equipment” . These are up to 255 active adressable electrodes.

GeoTest supports data formats of many inversion program families:

  • Res1D, Res2DInv and Res3DInv: 
    1D, 2D and 3D inversion software of M. H. Loke, Geotomo software, Malaysia 
  • SensInv2D and ResistivityImager2D: 
    2D inversion software of Thomas Fechner, Geotomographie GmbH, Germany
  • DC2dInvRes, DC2dTree and DC3dInvRes: 
    2D and 3D inversion software of Thomas Günther and Carsten Rücker, Germany
  • AGI EarthImager: 
    2D and 3D inversion software of Advanced Geosciences Inc., USA
    ( )

  • profiling measurements using equidistant electrodes
  • mapping measurements using regular electrode grids. Xand Ysteps can be different
  • custom made electrode configurations (non conventional arrays), in profiling and mapping mode as well
  • supports files with up to 45’000 measurements
  • support of GPS position measurements. Can be combined with Schlumberger soundings at each new position
  • support of automatic monitoring measurements (time-dependent)
  • pseudo sections or depth slices of resistivity and phase angles as well
  • visualisations:
  • active electrode numbers, sender current, sender voltage, measurement voltage, pseudosection of resistivity as well as phase angle, user selectable color bars in pseudosections
  • supports many electrode configurations, including configurations with 1 or 2 remote electrodes:
    • Wenner (= Wenner alpha), Wenner beta, half-Wenner, averaged half-Wenner
    • dipole-dipole (dipole distances and dipole lengths can be set independently)
    • Schlumberger, half-Schlumberger
    • pole-pole
    • pole-dipole
    • square
    • hybrid modes
  • supports borehole electrodes
  • supports user selectable electrode coordinates in 3 dimensions (e.g. Gauss-Krüger and elevation),
  • including borehole electrodes
  • supports remote electrodes as “infinitely far away” or by using their coordinates
    • exact geometric factors for remote electrodes with known coordinates
    • approximized geometric factors for remote electrodes assumed to be “infinitely” far away
  • supports optimized roll-on technique for long profiles
  • supports frequency soundings and phase angle measurements
  • supports measurements of contact resistances of each single electrode
  • various measurement settings. Presettings for:
    • standard
    • high quality
    • disturbed measurement areas (e.g. urban environment)
    • fast
    • frequency soundings
  • supports various sorting of data
    • forward or backward measurements, or both
    • increasing and decreasing sorting
    • sorting by measurement number, electrode number, profile position, investigation depth
    • sorting by electrode number can save time using “Roll-on” procedure:
      • while the measurement is running, no more used electrodes can be disconnected and “rolled on”.
  • easy editing and re-measuring of data, even single data points
  • exports various data formats:
    • GeoTest generic format including all data and settings
    • Res1D
    • Res2DInv
    • Res2DInv “non conventional data format”
    • Res3DInv
    • SensInv2D
    • ResistivityImager2D
    • DC2dInvRes
    • DC2dTree
    • DC3dInvRes
    • EarthImager URF
    • general CSV text file format
    • “4-point-light” parameter data format for autonomous measurements (TOM and MON modes)
  • import data formats:
    • GeoTest generic format including all data and settings
    • “4-point-light” data format from autonomous measurements (TOM and MON modes)
  • user interface in English and German
  • detailed user manual as printable PDF document. This document is downloadable also.
  • user tutorial as printable PDF document available, also for download
  • suggestions of customers are always welcome. Because I am the programmer of this software, there is no detour in incorporating new interesting features into the program

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