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Version GTC - Garbage Transportation Computer


GTC - Garbage Transportation Computer is a data system specially designed and developed for the commercial vehicle industry.

The GTC system is supplied in various modules as:

  • GTC Basic
  • GTC Waste
  • GTC Order
  • GTC Order Control
  • GTC Skips

The GTC system is in a Light version for a PC with Microsoft SQL Run Time license and in a Heavy version to be installed on a Microsoft Windows Server with Microsoft SQL Server. The Light version is a stand-alone version for 1-2 clients, where as the Heavy version can be used of all clients connected to the server.

The GTC system has the facillity of importing and exporting data to the company account system for direct invoicing. If the account system is a Microsoft SQL based account system, the GTC system can be integrated in the same SQL for sharing data.

The GTC system are handling information and transactions as:

  • Accounts
  • Working locations
  • Orders
  • Order control
  • Bins and skips
  • Route planning
  • Route control
  • GPRS communication
  • Mail system to the vehicle
  • Registrations from vechile

The GTC has an FTP server with connection to the broadband for 2 way wireless GPRS data communication to the trucks TOC computer via its GSM modem.

The GPRS data communication line is open at all times during the working hours and the cost is only the transferrd data - efficient and cheap.

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