Version IBAK IKIS - Sewer TV Inspection Software


IBAK IKIS Software is a highly efficient sewer information system for extremely user-friendly and well-organised management of even the greatest quantities of sewer system data. Information on your sewer system such as: 'inspection reports, photos of defects, videos, Panoramo films, tilt data, defects classes, statistics, classifications, cleaning intervals, rehabilitation data' is at your disposal at a glance against a background of extensive DWG or DXF maps, aerial photos or scanned maps.



  • Client/server architecture
  • SQL database
  • Integrated CAD
  • Hybrid processing of raster and vector data
  • Background aerial photos
  • Theme plans
  • Sewer TV inspection tours
  • Extensive report generation
  • Report generator with export to Excel, Word, HTML
  • Video server integration
  • Integration of digital videos MPEG 1 / 2 / 4
  • Defects picture management and photo reports
  • Sewer section graphics
  • Longitudinal cross-sections
  • PANORAMO data integration / access


  • Defects classification to ATV, ISYBAU
  • Statistics module
  • Flow direction tracking
  • Point object management
  • Lateral sewer module
  • Rehabilitation management
  • Cleaning management
  • Sewer sections / laterals with inflection points
  • Intermediate manholes
  • Export to GIS ESRI Shape
  • Panoramo data analysis
  • Hydraulics interface
  • WinWert interface
  • Tilt data management

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