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Version InSpect - Inspection Software


Datastick InSpect makes it easy to set up an inspection route on a PC, download it to the handheld computer, and upload the collected data to the PC.

Running a route is as easy as tapping the NEXT button.
To begin, start the InSpect RouteMaker application on your PC and build a hierarchical inspection route. You can set up inspection points for a machine in minutes and then copy and paste entire machine setups to make the route-building even faster. In addition to vibration data, InSpect RouteMaker software gives you the option of creating checklists to ensure relatively inexperienced personnel don’t miss important points. (For example: simple questions that are sometimes overlooked, such as, “Is the machine running?” Yes/No.)

If you wish, you can also include instructions to the operator on where to place the sensor and what to do if technician on the route spots trouble. When you’ve finished creating the route, click the mouse and the route loads onto the handheld computer.

As the technician runs the route, he simply taps NEXT on the handheld computer’s touchscreen and takes the read. (A built-in safeguard prevents attempts to get a read from a sensor that hasn’t settled.) If he needs to deviate from the route sequence, he can jump directly to the next available inspection station from a list.

When the technician takes a vibration measurement, he gets immediate visual feedback through bar graphs that show RMS Acceleration,Peaking™ value, and Overall Velocity with alerts, which you can set to ISO standards or any value appropriate for your specific facility and machine.

When the technician is finished running the route, he hands you the device and you upload the data to your PC and import it into a special version of Excel-compatible Datastick Reporting System™ software for InSpect, where you can trend the data and create reports.

This is just one of several different reports you can make. Notice that Acceleration, Velocity, Peaking value and Displacement are shown together in terms of percent change over time:

  • Hierarchical route creation on the PC
  • Routes download to the handheld computer used in the Datastick VSA-Series vibration spectrum analyzer
  • 100 measurement points per route, unlimited number of routes
  • Vibration inspection points configurable for acceleration, velocity, or displacement; maximum frequency, low-frequency cutoff, amplitude range, sensor sensitivity, alarm limits
  • Optional checklist inspection points to facilitate visual inspection of machines
  • Optional numerical-input inspection points for recording gauge readings
  • Optional yes/no inspection points
  • Optional supervisor-specified remedy steps to instruct inexperienced technicians on remedies for failed tests
  • Handheld software leads the data-gathering technician through the route step-by-step
  • Easy random access allows the technician to jump the route sequence and go directly to a different machine
  • Handheld software prevents the user from getting reads until the sensor has settled and stabilized
  • Handheld software gives immdiate visual feedback through bar graphs that show RMS Acceleration, Peaking value, and Overall Velocity with alerts, which you can set to ISO standards or any value appropriate for your specfic facility and machine
  • Data uploads to PC and imports into a special version of Excel-compatible Datastick Reporting System software for InSpect for trending and reporting

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