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Version iSD – inge - System Design Software


Although we don't build water treatment plants ourselves at inge GmbH, we have too much experience and expertise to let it go to waste! That's why we decided to incorporate all of our know-how into a software package to help you plan your ultrafiltration facility. You can use our iSD – inge System Design tool to establish the basic configuration of your water treatment plant in just a few easy steps: Simply enter the required data on the type of water, water quality and required treatment capacity. In addition, experienced users can adjust the parameters to suit their specific application and take advantage of the option to directly compare 3 different scenarios in order to determine the optimum configuration.

  • Free software with an intuitive user interface in multiple languages
  • Create the basic configuration of your water treatment plant in just a few simple steps
  • Compare different operating scenarios to optimize your plant design
  • Calculate energy use and chemical consumption
  • Select preferred units (metric or US) or define your own
  • Configure inline coagulation
  • Define appropriate CIP cleaning chemicals for the specific application and calculate quantities required
  • Supports direct feed configuration

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