Version JMM - Comprehensive Storage Tank Fixed Asset Management Software


Fixed Asset Management Solutions for Storage Tank Systems. Our focus is to develop solutions that provide real-time information so you can make the best operational decisions.  Whether it be managing alarms, events, tank levels or regulatory inspections, we have a solution that can assist with your storage tank needs.

  • Everything you need for your storage tank solutions
  • Maximize spend by replenishing inventory only when necessary
  • Reduce manual administration
  • Increased efficiency through business automation

Application Portal for Environmental Compliance (APEC)

Our APEC solution assist owners and operators of storage tank systems to manage environmental compliance and operations with ease and efficiency. Users can remotely oversee daily alarms, monthly release detection and events. Data is stored in a secured cloud based file and is accessible through one easy-to-use platform.

Inventory Management Services (IMS)

IMS automates the manual process of checking fuel levels. Forecast more accurately using historical data and sales patterns to avoid runouts. Seamlessly integrate with suppliers to determine precise delivery window.

Smart Inspect Mobile Survey (SIMS)

Designed by industry experts, SIMS streamlines inspections into one management system. The mobile inspection application is a customizable survey tool designed to improve the quality and accuracy of inspections by reducing human error, monitoring inspectors progress in real-time, and sharing data across multiple sites. Access all reports and inspections at a moment’s notice.

Remote Monitoring Solution for Pressurized and Liquid Storage Tanks

The GW7000 + IMS is a remote based monitoring system used to manage industrial pressurized gas and liquid storage tanks. Providing analytical data and reports, the solution monitors tank levels to avoid tank outages and unnecessary deliveries.

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