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Monitoring the fully integrated automatisation of all LemnaTec scanalyzer systems. LemnaControl is the tool to regulate and monitor all appropriate system components including cameras, conveyors, robotics, illumination and thus enable trained users, with or without any technical background to use the system. LemnaControl enables the user to initiate an experimental run on the LemnaTec Scanalyzer rapidly and easily. An experimental run produces all data including images, watering, weight information and stores them into the database via the LemnaTec central database interface LemnaBase.

Predefining Imaging Conditions for reproducable Measurements

To guarantee a high quality image it is advised to select different camera or illumination settings for different applications. When screening Arabidopsis for example a high zoom level results in a high detailed rosette in comparison to the level of zoom used for large plants such as Corn. Instead of applying settings manually, LemnaControl can store large numbers of different configurations and recreate the exact same imaging conditions for the duration of the experiment or apply these parameters to other experiments. In order to achieve this, all components that define the image acquisition of a certain sensor (camera, optics, light, etc) are confirmed and this configuration can be stored as an Imaging Unit Configuration (IUC) to define imaging conditions during experimental runs. By combining different IUCs for all different imaging units (VIS, Fluoro, IR, NIR, etc) into one Overall Configuration (OAC), all imaging conditions can be saved and also later applied to other experimental runs. The OAC determines what kind of image and how many images are taken during an experimental run as well as labeling, storing and alongside the image identification.

Convenient Data Aquisition in your daily Workflow for all Scanalyzer Systems

Depending on the Scanalyzer system, different types of experimental runs can be selected. Larger LemnaTec systems such as the Scanalyzer3D High-Throughput Greenhouse or Growth Room systems use conveyor belts to move plants within the growing areas to required imaging units and watering stations. Additionally, these Conveyor systems offer the possibility to water or spray the plants in dedicated watering and spraying stations or to switch and randomize the plants on the conveyor belts.

LemnaControl initializes and controls components of those systems discretely. Different operating modes, as part of the overall experimental control, such as imaging or watering, are started within the LemnaControl environment easily by choosing an OAC and a group of plants. Likewise, scheduling a complete experiment, including repeat tasks such as determining daily water requirements (by set dose, target weight, dynamic/adaptive watering) for each specific plant or group of plants, as well as individual tasks like randomizing the position of the plants within the growing area is all possible to be programmed. The calendar function of LemnaControl provides all information you require regarding your tasks at a glance. If research necessitates, for example, a more complex watering regime, then simply import an excel file, which contains information about the plant ID, date and the water regime to be applied to specific plants or selected plant groups. A Formula editor is avaiable to include current plant weight and digital biomass into the watering command.

Identify your plants for Individual Treatment within large scale Experiments

Each plant carrier has a unique RFID tag. Thus, all recorded information is stored using this RFID tag linking data to each plant. Different species can be automatically imaged by linking the RFID tag to a certain OAC. Corn can then, for example, be digitally phenotyped with a different level of zoom than used for Arabidopsis although they grow together on the conveyor in the greenhouse at the same time. This enables multiple experiments on LemnaTec systems, using the full capacity of the conveyor system. RFID readers are located throughout the system to ensure each individual is treated according to the experimental design by its consequent hardware- be it watering stations, imaging units, spray units or weigh stations. Researchers and operators are able to remotely visualize or supervise an operating system as an interactive blueprint on the control computer.

Flexible Layout

Specialized LemnaTec products including the ScanalyzerHTS system can be equipped with different loading trays for screening a variety of small plants and small-organisms including accommodating a diversity of test substrates from plant growth trays to multi-titer plates (MTPs). For every format, LemnaControl aligns the camera to the correct positions automatically. The ScanalyzerHTS uses barcodes to identify the test sample and automatically link information to an appropriate IUC.  LemnaControl offers different screening modes- for example when imaging micro-titre plates, from a full MTP down to 96 single-well images that are combined into one large image with a technical resolution of up to 500 Megapxiels per plate. 

LemnaControl is used with all Scanalyzers to ensure convenient acquisition of high quality data under standardized conditions.

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