Version METEONORM v.7 - Worldwide Weather Data



METEONORM 7 is a comprehensive meteorological reference. METEONORM gives you access to a catalogue of meteorological data for solar applications and system design at any desired location in the world. It is based on more than 25 years of experience in the development of meteorological databases for energy applications. METEONORM addresses to engineers, architects, teachers, planners and anyone interested in solar energy and climatology.

Weather data for any site worldwide

Usually, measurement data can only be used in the vicinity of a weather station. Elsewhere, the data has to be interpolated between different stations. The sophisticated interpolation models inside meteonorm allow a reliable calculation of solar radiation, temperature and additional parameters at any site in the world.

From the monthly values (station data, interpolated data or imported data), meteonorm calculates hourly values of all parameters using a stochastic model. The resulting time series correspond to 'typical years' used for system design. Additionally, the following parameters are derived:

  • Solar azimuth and elevation
  • Global, diffuse and beam (direct normal) radiation as well as radiation on inclined planes
  • Longwave radiation
  • Luminance
  • Spectral UVA/UVB, erythemal radiation
  • Precipitation, driving rain
  • Humidity parameters (dewpoint, relative humidity, mixing ratio, psychrometric temperature)

The generation of humidity values is optimized to fit building and climate system simulations (including extreme hourly values). Additionally a stochastic generation model for minute values of radiation parameters is available.

METEONORM calculates reduced global radiation caused by a high horizon. The horizon line can easily be entered either graphically (drag line) or numerically. For most regions of the world, the horizon line is calculated automatically, based on a digital terrain mode (accessible over the internet).

Any rectified picture of the horizon can be imported and used as a background for digitizing the horizon.

36 different predefined export formats are available. They cover most of the established simulation software in solar energy applications and building design, including TMY2 and 3, EPW, TRNSYS as well as output formats for TRY (German test reference years), POLYSUN, TSOL/PVSOL, PVSyst and PHPP. All export formats are available for hourly as well as monthly values. Data is written to ASCII files.

Alternatively, the parameters and the desired units can be defined in a user-defined export format.

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