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OHP Automation Systems GmbH

Version ProXKon - Protocol Converter

PC-based protocol converter running under MS-Windows 2000/XP, converting several protocols to OPC server.Up to 6 different process connections with max. 16 lines.At presentt 21 different communication protocols (i.e. IEC 870-5-101, IEC 870-5-103, IEC 870-5-104, SEAB-1F, Modbus, Profibus FDL, Sinaut ST7) for connecting outstations and programmable controller.Process connection SEAB-1F Slave to link SCADA system with SEAB-1F master.The messages and data are preprocessed using a freely configurable data model. For this an integrated script language and IL ist available.

Online editing of the data model during operation.Setting-up operation supported by set-up protocol and message monitor. ProXkon comes with programmable alarm and limit value funktions. With this function the failure of a process interface or an overange of limit values can be alarmed and loged.With an optional remote alarm software the alarm conditions can be reported as speech output or SMS.ProXkon can be used as a basic module for an upgrate to a powerful control system.

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