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Version TCPwin™ - Transducer Characterization Program



TCPwin™ is one of the most flexible and complete transducer characterization programs (TCP) available today. TCPwin™ features the abilities to utilize waveform and spectrum graphs, including frequency and signal data: to output a comprehensive calibration report: and to be used on a standard immersion system with the UTwin™ option. Its user-friendly configuration offers reporting and display formats to meet the demands of any user while still following ASTM-E1065 Standard Guide for Evaluating Characteristics of Ultrasonic Search Units. TCP provides the ultimate tool required to document your transducer specifications. It can be supplied as an upgrade to our existing systems or as a new addition.

Waveform & Spectrum Graph Reports

  • Transducer information
  • Test set-up
  • Time domain results
  • Frequency domain results
  • Loop gain calculation

Complete System Configuration

  • PC with Windows™ XP
  • UTwin™-TCP Software
  • Immersion tank and 3-axis scanner
  • ADl2lO-IPRpulser/AD Board
  • SMC-PCI motor controller board
  • UPK-MB-Ball. test block and ball targets

Transducer Beam Profiling
The plots and graphs can be configured individually or combined as shown above

Plots & Graphs

  • Aperture scan graph
  • Beam field graph
  • Amplitude - distance curve
  • Beam profile curve

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