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Our first release of 12 powerful multi-sheet spreadsheets tailored for easy use on the small screens of smartphones and tablet mobile devices.  This provides powerful tools for the water or wastewater operator, manager or engineer that can be available in the palm of his or her hand.  The mobile device must have Excel or other software to load and edit Excel spreadsheets such as DataViz.com Sheets to Go.
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The 12 sheets provided are described below:
AIR mobile  assists in piping selection for blower or compressed air piping.  This spreadsheet will suggest a pipe size for given available pressures and airflow requirement.  It will also calculate and graph pressure drop for pipe, valves and fittings.

CAPACITY mobile assists in determining average and peak wastewater flow or capacity requirements for various types of facilities served.  The flows for each item are totaled to give average daily flow.  A peaking factor is suggested or you can enter one to calculate daily peak flow.  Values provided can be adjusted to suit your local regulatory or design standards.

CONVERT mobile provides conversion factors and directly converts an entry in measures of flow, pressure, length, area, volume, weights, density, temperature, and power commonly used in the water and wastewater industry.  Over 130 unit conversions are available by just flipping down the sheet.

DEMAND mobile will assist in quickly determining the expected average and peak water demand.  On the AVG-MAX DEMAND sheet, you select the number of various types of residences or facilities served and the sheet calculates an average daily flow, maximum daily flow and peak hourly flow expected.  On the MIF-SMALL MAINS sheet you enter number of residences or various facilities and the sheet calculates a maximum instantaneous flow expected for smaller main sizing.

FEEDRATE mobile assists in chemical solution or feedrate calculations for batch and continuous feed calculations such as chlorine application for disinfection or alum feed for water treatment.  Batch calculations allow entry of batch concentration desired in ppm or percent by weight and calculates feed chemical weight or volume required.  Continuous feed calculations allow entry of process solution specific gravity, flow rate and ppm desired, feed chemical solution percentage and specific gravity.  Feed rate is calculated in gallons per hour, gpm, liters/min.  Graph of feed rate versus dosage is automatically created.

FINANCE mobile provides quick and easy access to EXCEL's financial calculation functions.  Your mobile device will be able to quickly calculate monthly or annual payments, present or future worth of a single or series of cash flows,  and also depreciation by three common methods, double declining balance, sum of the years digits and straight line.  This spreadsheet is useful for financial analysis and planning.

GRAVFLOW mobile solves for velocity and flow in circular, rectangular, and trapezoidal channels using the Manning Equation.  The spreadsheet is useful for design or evaluation of sewer piping, ditches, swales, etc.   Inputs are physical dimensions and depths of flow.  Table of Manning’s n is included.  Template is useful for gravity sanitary and storm sewer design.  It also calculates flow in trapezoidal channels with differing side slopes.

HEADLOSS mobile is used to select or evaluate water or pressure sewer piping.  The PIPESIZE sheet will suggest a pipe size for given inlet and outlet pressure and flow desired.  HEADLOSS allows entry of pipe diameter, length, C value, minor loss coefficient and calculates headloss or pressure drop in the pipe, velocity of flow and velocity head.  The headloss and PSI loss is charted for a range of flows from zero to twice the entered flow.   Tables of C values and loss coefficients are provided in the Help sheet.

PUMP mobile assists in calculating pump heads for a water or wastewater pump installation.  Sheets are provided to setup suction and discharge and forcemain parameters.  The on the Pump Heads sheet, once pump information is entered you can vary flowrate and automatically calculated velocities, static and dynamic heads to use in pump selection.  Pressure conversions and horsepower requirements calculation sheets are also included.

TANK mobile is a very powerful spreadsheet for calculating full and partial volumes for for horizontal and vertical cylindrical tanks or pipes and rectangular tanks or wetwells.  In addition you can generate tank gage charts for the various shapes. 

WEIRFLOW mobile allows you to quickly select a weir for your flow metering application and also determine flow over an existing weir shape.  Calculations for eight standard weir shapes are included.

WIRE mobile assists in selecting or checking power wiring sizes and NEMA size motor control equipment for single phase and three phase motors.  The COPPER and ALUM sheets  suggest wiring and conduit sizes for ampere loads and allowable voltage drops for copper or aluminum conductors 75 degree C rated conductors in single phase or three phase wiring systems. The Motor Wiring sheet supplies NEC full load current values for standard motor horsepowers and  suggests wiring, motor starter, fuse, circuit breaker and equipment ground size.  

The spreadsheets included in our mobile library are prepared specifically for the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software.  (Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft)   The mobile spreadsheets have been tested and are demonstrated running on DataViz Documents to Go Software. 

A pdf manual provides detailed information on each spreadsheet in our Water / Wastewater  mobile device Professional Library.  It includes tips on use for design and operations.

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