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The following 32 Excel spreadsheet templates are provided:    

AIRPIPING Assists in piping selection for blower or compressed air piping.  This spreadsheet will suggest a pipe size for given available pressures and airflow requirement.  It will also calculate and graph pressure drop for pipe, valves and fittings.  

CAPACITY Calculates the average and peak wastewater capacity for a sewer or wastewater pump station design.  It allows entry of the number of various facilities served (such as commercial or industrial establishments), residential units, area to be developed, known flows or any combination of these.  It has a built-in peaking factor equation or you may enter your own.

CHAR_EQNGenerates pump curve characteristic equation coefficients for use in modeling programs and applications.  Solves for the quadratic and exponential forms of the equation.  

CONTAIN6 Contain is designed for oil tank containment calculations for EPA spill prevention control and countermeasure plans. This template simplifies the calculation of partial tank volumes within the containment for net volume determination.  It allows entry of containment dimensions, rainfall allowance, cylindrical horizontal or vertical tank data for up to six tanks.  Shows whether containment is adequate for largest tank spill.  

CONVERT Convert provides conversion factors and directly converts an entry in measures of flow, pressure, length, area, volume, weights, density, temperature, and power commonly used in the water and wastewater industry.  

CURVES2 Curves2 allows input and graphical display of up to 3 pump and system curves. each pump curve can be adjusted using the affinity law relationships for variable speed or impeller conditions. Also parallel and series pumps can be calculated and displayed.  

CYCLE Allows you to calculate the wet well volume necessary for particular pump cycle time requirements or cycle time for given flow and pump capacity. It generates a graph of cycle time versus flow.  

DEMAND Calculates average day, maximum day, peak hour and maximum instantaneous water flows for a water main, well, tank or pump station design.  It allows entry of various types of facilities, commercial or industrial establishments, residential units, areas to be developed, known flows or any combination of these.  

DRAWDOWN Calculates flow rates into and pump flow out of a wet well based on wet well geometry and fill and empty times.  

EQUIV This template calculates equivalent series and parallel pipes for station or pipeline design for modeling purposes.  

EVENTFLO Eventflo calculates the diurnal flow curve through a sewage pump station from pump run times and average pump flow data.  It is useful for checking pump performance, existing flows, and other design needs.    

FEEDRATE This template assists in chemical feedrate calculations for batch and continuous feed calculations such as chlorine application for disinfection or alum feed for water treatment.  Batch calculations allow entry of batch concentration desired in ppm or percent by weight and calculates feed chemical weight or volume required.  Continuous feed calculations allow entry of process solution specific gravity, flow rate and ppm desired, feed chemical solution percentage and specific gravity.  Feed rate is calculated in gallons per hour, gpm, liters/min.  Graph of feed rate versus dosage is automatically created.

FINANCE This sheet simplifies use of spreadsheet financial functions.  Calculations are setup for monthly or annual payment determination, present value for monthly or annual payment series or lump sum, future value for monthly or annual payments or lump sum ,present worth of a string of uneven cash flows, and various methods for depreciation.  

HAMMER Hammer assists in calculating possible maximum water hammer surge pressures based on velocity stopped, critical valve closure times and pressure wave velocity for a given pipeline.   

HEADLOSS Allows you to generate tables of velocity, velocity head, pressure drop and loss of head for a pipeline. Also graphs headloss versus flow and pressure drop versus flow.  

HEADS Calculates TDH, TDSL, TDDH, NPSHA for a wastewater pump installation.  Input is pipe lengths and diameters, friction coefficient, fitting and valve k values for each suction and discharge main segment along with controlling elevations.  The template includes tables of fitting and valve k values and other technical data.  

HEADS2 This template provides the ability to calculate TDH, TDSL, TDDH, NPSHA for a water or wastewater pump installation with a long flat or undulating force main that might have sections of the force main operating under gravity flow conditions.  Input is pipe lengths and diameters, friction coefficient, fitting and valve k values for each suction and discharge main segment along with controlling pump and forcemain elevations.  The forcemain hydraulic grade line is graphed.  Calculations assume air and vacuum relief at high points. The template includes tables of fitting and valve k values and other technical data.   

HYDFLOW Hydflow assists in performing and calculating the results of hydrant flow tests to determine available fire flow at a given residual, to calculate and graph water for domestic use versus residual pressure, and to calculate Hazen-Williams C value for main tuberculation and for other hydraulic calculations.  This template also provides instructions on how to properly perform hydrant flow tests with pitot rod or estimate flow with only two pressure gages mounted on hydrant nozzle caps if a pitot is not available.

HYPNEU Assists in calculating hydropnuematic tank volumes for a given pump flow and pressure range.  Assists in tank size and operating condition selection.  

MANNING This template solves for velocity and flow in circular, rectangular, and trapezoidal channels using the Manning Equation.  Inputs are physical dimensions and depths of flow.  Table of Manning’s n is included.  Template is useful for gravity sanitary and storm sewer design.  It also calculates flow in trapezoidal channels with differing side slopes.  

PIPELINE Calculates headlosses along a non-looping main and pump head calculation for given flows. Ground elevations, hydraulic grade and resulting pressures at each node are displayed and graphed.  Input is allowed for elevation and flow take-off at each node, pipe physical data and even pumps can be included.  Flow is input and can be adjusted by peaking factor.  Template is excellent for booster pump station and piping design.
PRESFLOW Flow through a pump can be determined from pump curve data using pressure measurements of suction and discharge pressure.  This can be used for capturing existing system data for modeling or even determining pumped flows if there is no flowmeter present or the meter is out of service.  This template calculates either instantaneous flow from gage readings or continuous flow from pressure recorder data.  Input data requires three points from the particular pump curve and suction and discharge pressures.  

PUMPCOMP Pumpcomp assists in determining the costs or savings of making pump operating speed or impeller changes and assists in making decisions for selecting or replacing pumps or drives.  Most pump installations are designed for 10 to 20 years in the future.  Initial flows might be 25% or less of design flow with the possibility of pumping power costs being as much as 400% of that required for a variable speed drive or smaller constant speed pump.  This template calculates annual power costs for a given pump average flow, head and efficiency and calculates 10 and 20 year present worth value of power, operating, maintenance and capital costs.  The example below compares maintaining an existing pump or installing new variable speed pump at initial cost of $50,000.

PUMPEFF Pumpeff assists in performing simple yet beneficial periodic hydraulic and efficiency evaluations of pump installations. It provides instructions for making measurements and performs calculations to determine per pump power consumption, pumping efficiency (wire to water and estimated pump only), and pump motor power factor. It also calculates annual savings or losses due to changes in efficiency of pump based on pump average flow and KWHR power cost.  

PUMPMISC Calculates pump horsepower requirements, efficiency, specific speed, static head pressures, and flow conversions.  
TANKCAP This template calculates partially filled tank volumes and weights for vertical and horizontal cylindrical tanks or pipe and rectangular tanks. This can also be useful for determining volume of water in pipeline for storage calcs, to be drained and estimated time to drain, etc.  

TANKFLOW Tankflow allows the user to quickly calculate the flow into and out of a storage tank based on tank geometry and tank level versus time. Input is the tank shape and level data that can be taken from a tank level recorder or pressure recorder. This template is useful for determining tank flow for development of actual water demand peaking factors or local diurnal demands for design or modeling purposes.  

VOLUMES Simplifies calculation of areas and volumes in rectangular and circular areas to determine such things as earthwork or concrete cubic yardage, basin volumes in gallons etc.  

WATHEADS Calculates Total Dynamic Head and Available Net Positive Suction Head for water pump installation.  Input is pipe lengths and diameters, friction coefficient, fitting and valve k values for each suction and discharge main segment along with controlling elevations.  The template includes tables of fitting and valve k values and other technical data.  

WEIRS Generate tables of flow (gpm, mgd and cfs units) versus head over rectangular, v-notch, and Cipoletti weirs.  Weir equations and help information is included.  

WIRING Assists the operator or plant electrician in selecting or checking motor control equipment or wiring sizes.  The motor wiring sheet of the template supplies NEC full load current values for horsepower input and  suggests wiring, motor starter, fuse, circuit breaker and equipment ground size.  The other sheets of the template suggest wiring and conduit sizes for loads and allowable voltage drops for copper or aluminum conductors in single phase or three phase systems.

And Our New WASTEWATER PUMP STATION This template demonstrates how TES individual templates can be combined for powerful design or analysis spreadsheets.  This template includes the CAPACITY, CYCLE and HEADS templates together with a Design Summary Sheet to provide a powerful wastewater pump station design and report generation package.  It demonstrates the ability to include the purchaser's utility or company name and to customize the form of the design report.

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