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Version UBIS4 - Monitoring Network Software


The most complete solution to run your monitoring network: data transfer between centre and monitoring station, quality assurance of collected data, comprehensive reporting, alerting for limit value exceedance, administration of maintenance activities.

UBIS4 is specialized for monitoring network centres in the environmental protection sector and offers a unique range of functions:

  • time-controlled data request from the monitoring stations
  • automatic data validation
  • manual and automatic data correction and elimination
  • evaluation of the analyzers' automatic function checks
  • comprehensive reporting
  • trend monitor
  • powerful calculation module for complex aggregations
  • automatic periodical report generation
  • remote control and remote configuration of IOX aquisition and monitoring systems
  • automatic notification in case of network problems
  • complete administration of analyzers and monitoring stations
  • administration of maintenance dutys, test gas bottles etc.
  • creation of calibration certificates
  • logging of all relevant activities
  • automatic limit value surveilance and alerting
  • And much more. Request an account for our UBIS4 demo system today and experience the power of UBIS4!

Please choose...

  • pre-configured servers (plug-and-play)
  • VirtualBox image
  • software-as-a-service

No matter whether you want to run your own servers or use UBIS4 on our servers, we always have the matching offer for you.

  • based on serveral open-source components
  • source code escrow available
  • participation in the UBIS-User-Club (UUC)
  • ongoing further development and maintenance
  • online support
  • national language support (NLS)

  • browser based user interface requires no client software installation
  • OpenSource database system PostgreSQL - no expensive database software licenses necessary
  • option to use the Oracle RDBMS (we recommend PostgreSQL, though)

  • redundant database and application servers
  • permanent data replication with hot stand-by
  • ongoing self examination and notification

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