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Version UTwin™ - Full Featured Ultrasonic C-Scan Software



UTwin™ is a third-generation Windows™ data acquisition, imaging, and analysis software system with intuitive pull-down menus, independent C-Scan pages and feature icons. It has multiple real-time A-. B- and C-Scan displays, coupled with powerful post-processing modes (zoom. pan. size/measure. RF replay, cluster characterization and Excel export capabilities). Users can customize any mix of A-Scan (RF. full wave, positive or negative half wave). B-Scan (real-time or post-analysis (except RF waveforms)) or C-Scan (amplitude. TOFD) displays on one screen. UTwin™ supports up to eight UT channels from multiple sources (PCI cards, multiplexers, or external pulser/receivers.

  • Flexible hardware configuration for new systems, upgrades and even custom installations: multiple pulser'receiver (P/R) support; multiple analog to digital (A/D) converter: multiple axis scanner (stepper motor).
  • 16 axes motion control with or without encoders and optional motorized manipulator support
  • Real time display of and acquisition of A-. B- and C-scan
  • Multiple gate settings (currently up to 4 for standard UTwin™; custom systems can provide more)

  • RF waveform storage and replay, with changing gate and analysis settings
  • Weld analysis
  • TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)

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