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Version v.4.4 - WinLoG


WinLoG can be used to quickly create, edit and print geotechnical, environmental, mining, water well, oil & gas, and transportation borehole logs. The graphical windows interface displays the log as it is changed and shows exactly how the log will look when it is printed. Borehole and well logs can be printed in black and white or color.Version 4 of WinLoG has proven to be very successful and has gained widespread use. Many existing customers have already upgraded and we would like to encourage WinLoG version 3 customers to upgrade. The geographical information system (GIS) feature added in version 4 displays a location map for the project showing the boreholes, cross-sections, and any surface features. This feature makes it easy to visualize your project and can be used to print a location map of the project. To edit a borehole all you need to do is click on it in the location map.

WinLoG version 4 is based upon the project concept for data storage, where the user has numerous projects and within each project there are numerous borehole logs. Using this method, a Microsoft Access database is used to store each project. Each project is stored in a separate directory, which can be on the same computer or spread across a network. A master database is used to keep track of projects and their locations. This master project database is also used to store data (such as symbol libraries and text macros) that is common to all projects and applications.

In version 4, projects are displayed using a geographical information system (GIS). The GIS displays a project location map that can be used to display and edit boreholes and cross-sections (if WinFence has been purchased). In addition, site features and AutoCAD files can also be displayed. The project location map can also be printed to be included with the boring logs.

Borehole logs are used to display the results of oil and gas, mining, geotechnical and environmental drilling and sampling. Logs can be used to display soil and rock samples. Logs can contain general borehole data (ex. location, client, project number); lithologic descriptions and symbols for each layer; sample data; well completion details; water level measurements; geophysical logs; and numerous graphs and text columns. Once a log is created it can be easily copied using a toolbar button, and then edited and saved to represent other boreholes on the same site.

WinLoG comes with numerous easily customized templates, which can be edited and saved as new templates. You can also create a new template by specifying the desired layout. Each template consists of a header, footer, several columns, bitmaps, lines, rectangles, and paragraph text. Templates can be customized to display different header and footer titles, number, and type of columns, fonts, colors, etc.

WinLoG is accompanied by a comprehensive user's manual containing easy-to-follow instructions and a step-by-step tutorial. Technical support (see conditions below) is provided via phone, fax or e-mail directly from the manufacturer or from us. The manufacturer's website includes an FAQ section featuring answers to the most frequently asked questions, and minor updates may also be downloaded from here.

Whith the purchase of a new license, the client also receives free Maintenance for a 1-year period. This service entitles the client for free technical support, downloading minor updates, and replacement of unlock codes as necessary.

  • Windows 2000/XP or NT;
  • At least 64 MB of RAM;
  • At least 64 MB of hard disk space;
  • A screen resolution of at least 600 x 800;
  • A CD-ROM drive.

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