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Version VELO - Rewards and Engagement Platform


VELO is a rewards and engagement platform. It’s a white label software solution that measures and analyzes people’s actions across multiple engagements simultaneously for the purpose of incentivizing GOOD behaviour. It also powers GOODcoins, a social currency..

VELO is the invisible backend system that gives communities, governments, and corporations the opportunity to make money and do good simultaneously.

  • Analytics & Reports
  • Intelligent Benchmarking
  • Content Flexibility
  • Easy to Deploy

VELO collects data, analyzes it to track progress in real time, and rewards success based on evidence. The platform is tailored to help all customers achieve their unique cultural and corporate goals. And to make good behaviours stick. For good.

  • Collect Data
  • Tailor for Goals
  • Reward
  • Analyze Data
  • Activate
  • Engage

  • Engage Employees & Reduce Turnover Rates : Employees who have opportunities to do GOOD are motivated, passionate, and often  perform better at work.
  • Contribute To A Better Environment : Lower carbon, less plastic, more recycling, less pollution, energy and water efficiency, and more.
  • Inspire Healthy Behaviour : You’ll see more walks, bikes, and yoga; less cars, elevators, and donuts. (In turn, see corporate health costs diminish.)

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