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Version Vistas 7 - Groundwater Flow & Contaminant Transport Models


Groundwater Vistas 7 is software for modeling 3D groundwater flow, transport and heat. First version was launched in 1997. and continuously updated since then. The newest version of Groundwater Vistas, version 7 was released in 2017. Besides core simulation capabilities it can be used for advanced calibrating and uncertainty analysis with PEST and different kind of optimization techniques (for ex. remediation and dewatering systems). The author of Groundwater Vistas was awarded the 2014 with Technology Award in USA groundwater organization NGWA (National Groundwater Association, the largest groundwater organization in the World).

Which programs are supported in Groundwater Vistas 7 ?

Groundwater Vistas supports: MODFLOW2000 and 2005, MODFLOW 6 (new), MODFLOW – NWT, MT3DMS and MT3D USGS (new), MODPATH, PATH3D, MODFLOWT, and MODFLOW-SURFACT. Also, full support for unstructured grid model MODFLOW USG and industry standard for calibration and uncertainty analysis PEST. Density dependent flow and transport of contaminates and heat transport is supported via SEAWAT.

What I like in Groundwater Vistas the most ?

I am using Groundwater Vistas from its 1 st launch in 1997. and the toughest part of groundwater modeling, calibration and uncertainty analysis are perfectly done in Groundwater Vistas. It is saving me time and money and make my models more useful.

Need more info about Groundwater Vistas? Look these webinars!Webinar title: Building better groundwater models – calibration is not enough anymore

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