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Version VOC & TOC - Module for Management of Volatile Organic Compounds



The software for the VOC calculation refers to Directive 2004/42 and updates, which requires that the Hazard Label of the products subject to this regulation must necessarily show, in a clear and readable way, the following information: The type of product in accordance with the definitions contained in Annex I of the Directive; The VOC limit value in g/l, as referred to in Annex II; The maximum content of VOC in g/l in the product ready for use.

The VOC & TOC module calculates the content of Volatile Organic Compounds of the finished product on the basis of the information on the substances contained in it. The user selects the Type of product, as defined by the law, present in the module. In the VOC calculation, the new VOC & TOC module compares the calculation result with the regulatory limit related to the specific Type of product selected for the mixture.

If the mixture is not a product ready for use, the user can enter the composition of the ready for use product with the relative quantities:

  • Mixture;
  • Solvent;
  • Catalyst;

The Hazard Label of the mixture will show the content of Volatile Organic Compounds related to the product ready for use, as required by law.

Module for the management of Volatile Organic Compounds for companies that need to draw up the Hazard Labels for substances and mixtures according to the regulatory requirements of Directive 2004/42.

  • The module allows you to calculate the VOC content of a finished product and the related limits
  • Possibility to automatically integrate the calculated information in the SDS and in the label.

  • The calculation of the VOC & TOC module is compliant with the prescriptions of Directive 2004/42 and related updates.

All our software is always updated with the latest legislative news:

  • REACH Regulation 1907/2006
  • Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP)
  • Regulation 453/2010

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Update: Our software update occur on a regular basis, in accordance with the legislative deadlines. In order to provide easily accessible information, Selerant provides its customers with manuals and documentation, training courses and webinars.

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