Version WEX-REG - Controls Compliance with Industrial Emission Regulations



The WEX-REG module ensures continuous evaluation of the indicators required by the regulation, applied to the atmospheric and liquid discharges of the site. The module analyzes the data at regular intervals and controls threshold overruns or ELV, unavailability of the measurement system, and the operating conditions of the installation. The values of the indicators and eventual alarms are displayed is real-time in the supervision module of the WEX system or are transmitted to the digital control system (DCS) of the site.

  • Real-time overview of the regulatory counters
    • Threshold or ELV overrun counters: consecutive overruns, cumulative overruns for the current year
    • Counters of unavailability of measuring devices : continuous unavailability,  cumulative unavailability for the current year
  • Real-time overview of the counters relative to the functioning conditions of the site
    • Cumulative effective functioning time, periods of downtime, emergency periods of downtime, derogation periods, periods of inactive discharge
  • Definition of the rules for controlling the activation of visual or acoustic alarms
  • Customizable thresholds for alarms associated with the regulatory counters
  • Real-time interpretation of modifications to the configuration or data
  • Manual and automatic generation of regulatory reports
  • Transmission of counters or alarms to the site DCS via Modbus, OPC, digital outputs

  • Global vision in real-time of compliance with industrial discharges for the current regulations
  • Reactive site management by continuous monitoring of the actual and forecast indicators
  • Predefined and customizable regulatory reports

  • Directive n° 2010/75/UE (IED)
  • Directive n° 2001/80/EC (LCPD)
  • Directive n° 2000/76/CE (WID)

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