Version WEX-SPV - Real-Time Supervision Module



THE WEX-SPV module displays in real-time an array of strategic data from the WEX database and presents this data in the form of customizable gauges.

  • Display in real-time of the state of the measurement devices
  • Display of raw data, averages, trends
  • Display of regulatory compliance indicators
  • Display the status of the backup server 
  • Launching of actions to allow piloting of the backup analyzers
  • Provides fully customizable synoptic of your system
  • Multi window display (slideshow mode)
  • Real-time display of various graphs of measure data
  • Activation of commands to send actions to the system
  • Configuration of a system of visual and acoustic alarms
  • Advanced access rights management including multiple user profiles

  • Additional Module Available for WEX

  • Data is updated in real time for enhanced reactivity
  • Control of the site by continuous monitoring of changes in concentrations and trends in relation to Limit Values Issue (ELVs)

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