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Version XC-6000 - HgCalc Software


The HgCalc Software uses sample run data and trap analysis. The sample run data from the MercSampler™ XC-6000 is imported into the application, where total mercury mass, hourly and total mercury emissions are calculated. The software insures the specifications in 40CFR, part 75 are met. The software will also verify QA/QC specifications regarding Section 2 breakthrough, relative deviation, and Section 3 spike recovery as shown in Appendix K, table K-1.

When all calculations are complete and data verified this can be exported currently in Excel, Comma Separated Values (CVS), Text/PDF format and will be available in an XML report format in the near future.

Hg Calc Capabilites:
Application used to import XC-6000 sample run data and trap analysis data to perform calculations for Appendix K. Sold separately.

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