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Version XR Premium - Powerful Data Management System



A powerful multi-user architecture: XR Premium is built over a client-server architecture which allows a simultaneous access from several workstations to the data retrieved.

The XR Premium software is the control tower for environmental quality monitoring systems:

  • operational on WindowsTM
  • centralizes all data delivered by measuring devices
  • integrates the data in an information processing system in order to display it in a way facilitating their consultation and processing
  • configures and drives sets of measuring devices (acquisition systems, analysers, communication systems)
  • allows the technical follow-up of all installations
  • ensures the traceability of data, events and technical information
  • controls data quality and guarantees its integrity
  • detects and signals any event (dysfunctions, pollution episodes, etc.)
  • possess a set of tools for data storage, treatment, presentation and diffusion

  • Up to 999 active stations
  • Distributed with communications capacities over analogical and digital telephone lines, GSM,  GPRS, leased line or direct connection
  • Management of telephone lines sets
  • Complete parameters setting and remote control of the acquisition system
  • Programmable periodic calls or on request calls to acquisition systems
  • Reading of the incorporated data, the log book, the calibration history, the configuration and the acquisition system status
  • Reception and decoding of the spontaneous calls from the acquisition Systems on advent of, for example, defects or over-thresholds
  • Automatic warning by mail, fax, SMS, voice, etc
  • Graphic follow-up in real time of acquisition data and of all the internal parameters of the acquisition system and of the measuring devices
  • Automatic archiving of data in the data base
  • Aggregation of data hourly, daily, monthly, etc
  • Cartographic representation with animation capability
  • Data display in table or graphic form
  • Data control and validation
  • Data processing and report printing
  • System administration and security

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