Version XR-WEB - Display of XR Data on the Web



XR-WEB is an additional module of the XR software that allows diffusion of Air Quality Monitoring data to the internet. The XR-WEB module is supplied with an ensemble of tools for viewing data and a dynamic link from your website to the XR software.

  • Automatic display of the data issued from the XR software on your company website
  • A library of tools are provided for data visualization: graphs, curves, tables, charts, for the ensemble of your data
  • A library to query the Oracle database of the XR software
  • Automatic update of the Website parameters and data to be diffused
  • We provide a generic website that can be entirely personalized to meet your needs (several style models available)
  • Tools to control and view statistics of the website
  • Security profiles for access to public and dedicated roles

  • Available for XR  Windows™ and Linux

  • Automatic transfer of XR acquisition data to the web
  • Secure connection to the XR database
  • Data integration to existing web applications

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