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Virtual Reference Station (VRS) Calculations



As part of the VRS (Virtual Reference Station) concept, GNSS raw data streams are collected, evaluated and processed in a network mode on a central server in real time. To increase network stability, in addition to own GNSS reference stations (e.g., beacon stations) additional GNSS data sources from other service providers can be included.

Following initial data quality control (Pre-Broadcast Monitoring), the Alberding VRS software calculates network corrections for defined locations within the network coverage area. The positions of the “virtual reference stations” will be broadcast to the respective (Beacon, AIS) transmitting stations. generates correction data in RTCM format for transmission via MF radio beacon transmitters (RTCM 2.0, Message Types 1, 3, 9) and AIS stations (Message Type 17).

Correction provision via mobile Internet (Ntrip) enables dynamic generation of VRS data streams in addition to fixed locations (e.g., for “hotspots”). The advantage of the VRS solution over a single station solution lies in data control, flexibility and quality of service as well as in the separation of DGNSS service and transmission media. A prerequisite of VRS processing is the availability of communication lines between the reference stations and the server and from the central server to the transmitter sites.

  • Networked DGNSS solution supporting maritime and inland waterway navigation.
  • Central generation of virtual DGNSS corrections for user defined locations.
  • Web based graphical user interface.
  • Compatible with any geodetic grade GNSS reference receiver hardware.
  • Support of DGPS and DGLONASS corrections.
  • Support of new processing techniques (RTK and PPP) for dedicated regions, e.g. harbours

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