Virtualyze - The Next Level of Reporting Software


Today in-line inspection (ILI) data is an important factor for assessing pipeline integrity. To get a clear picture of the pipeline’s condition the enormous amount of pipeline data needs to be managed. ROSEN has developed the next level of reporting software. It provides easy access to the information needed to review potentially harmful anomalies.

Key Advantages

  • Data visualization based on fully analyzed inspection data covering the entire pipeline
  • C-Scan in commonly used format for the oil & gas industry
  • State of the art industrial B-Scans for EMAT and UT Technology
  • Configurable lists including all basic sort, group and format functionalities
  • Providing all relevant run conditions data like temperature, pressure
  • Individually sentenced feature reports (ISFR)
  • Intuitive user guidance to competently manage inspection results
  • Combined visualization of multiple inspection datasets
  • Executive summary for management/operational goal setting and action
  • Seamless integration into the ROSEN Asset Integrity Management Software (ROAIMS)

The Solution

VIRTUALYZE is a software solution to present intelligent pipeline inspection measurements. All inspection results are listed in a sophisticated manner. For each inspection result the appropriate measurement data is displayed.

All views offer a vast grade of configuration functionality and can be optimized to adapt to the needs of an analyst. By presenting all original sensor measurements VIRTUALYZE enables the user to retrace ROSEN results.

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