AQC Environmental Engineers

VOC-CALC Software


A Breath of Fresh Air in Emissions Tracking.

Environmental compliance

  • Tracks and calculates VOC's, Toxics, and HAP's at the touch of a button
  • Accounts for hazardous waste
  • Detailed reports for environmental compliance
  • Assurance of accurate emission calculations
  • Title V compliance & reporting
  • Reg. 75 compliance for hourly and average hourly limits
  • Approved by SCAQMD (one of the most stringent regulatory agencies in the world)

Management tools

  • Self-customizing to fit your company's requirements
  • Saves money and time while complying
  • Perfect for any size company
  • Product inventory tracking

Computerized records

  • Ability to sort & print as needed
  • Automatic calculation of emissions
  • User-friendly & easy to learn
  • Tracks emissions at 3 levels:
  • Facility, Department, & Equipment
  • Average hourly tracking (TX edition)

The creators of the DOS versions of VOC-CALCTM and TOX-CALCTM are proud to introduce VOC-CALCTM plus for Windows. Developed by environmental engineers & programmers, VOC-CALCTM plus combines the features of both DOS versions with today's technology for a state of the art, user-friendly software package.

VOC-CALCTM plus is continuously enhanced as environmental issues & regulations evolve. Software for the Air!

VOC-CALCTM plus for Windows was developed for companies seeking to efficiently monitor and record their compliance with environmental regulations. VOC tracking is now a national requirement for companies using products containing substances that adversely affect our atmosphere, making VOC-CALCTM plus for Windows a valuable asset for companies of all sizes. Our innovative program enables the user to track hazardous and non-hazardous emissions on a user-friendly, accurate and cost-effective basis.

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