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Voucher Control Tool


Voucher Control is an essential cloud-based tool for your reverse vending machine (RVM) that secures your deposit refunds and allows your customers to redeem their deposits across your entire chain.

With Voucher Control you can ensure that deposit refunds are only redeemed once. The cloud-based solution ensures real-time validation and redemption of printed and digital vouchers to secure your deposit refund and prevent fraud.

By connecting your stores’ RVMs to Voucher Control, you can also improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to redeem their deposit vouchers across your different stores.

Voucher Control is designed to suit retailers of all sizes, and there are two different options available:

  • Integrated with your point-of-sale (POS) system
  • As a standalone app with the Voucher Validation Tool

The advanced technology behind Voucher Control ensures top level security, but the way it works is very simple:

  1. When an RVM session is completed, the deposit voucher is synchronized and verified with the TOMRA server.
  2. When the voucher is redeemed at the POS, it is controlled against the TOMRA server to verify its authenticity.
  3. If the voucher is false or has already been redeemed, it will be rejected.

  • Comes with a high service level promise in terms of both service availability and response time
  • Defined processes for offline situations
  • Smart real-time verification ensures correct transactions
  • Secure communication through HTTPS/SSL
  • Cloud-based solution – no need to invest in physical equipment
  • Subscription-based
  • Different solutions for retailers of different sizes

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