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VTScada SCADA Software

SCADA software designed for the water & wastewater industry, VTScada is a software tools layer that adds powerful remote asset management features to VTS telemetry applications.

Industry-specific reports, auto-generated graphic displays and automatic historical data logging provide a platform for quick application development without compromising on features.

Applications range from stand-alone workstation applications to unified, county-wide systems tying plants and SCADA centrals together.

Powered by VTS

VTScada is powered by our VTS software product.  Therefore, in addition to the features listed in the menu on the right, VTScada also possesses all the VTS features listed on the VTS product page.

Industries of Focus

Water Lift Stations, Water Plants, Wastewater Plants, Water Distribution, Wastewater Collections, Water Level Monitoring & Water Quality Monitoring, Datalogger Applications, Store & Forward Telemetry Management, River Control, Internet-Based Redundant SCADA, TV Broadcast, Rock crushing.

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VTS Site Import Wizard for MultiTrode Pump Controllers

In these two videos, Patrick M. Cooke uses an integrated utility to import configuration information from a MultiSmart pump controller and automatically create tags and display pages within a VTScada HMI application.

What makes VTS and VTScada different?

These are just some of the mission-critical features that set us apart from other HMI and SCADA software products.

VTS How-to Library

VTScada Instructor Andrew Harvie guides you through the application development tools that are integrated into every VTScada application.

VTS 10 - New Features

Trihedral president Glenn Wadden and engineer Blair Sooley describe many powerful new features of version 10.


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