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Accurate and reliable data is essential to an efficient and effective business operation. Inventory represents a significant portion of assets in a business. Therefore, managers and other decision makers need to accurately and timely know how much inventory there is and where it is located in order to make effective budgeting, operating, and financial decisions. Companies that carry a significant amount of inventory are continually looking for innovative logistics solutions to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their inventory checking process. While some companies stop operations to carry out a full physical inventory check, others perform more targeted checks, with cycle counts in areas that deal with high-value or high-volume products.

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Regardless of your approach, it often means that there is a team of individuals roaming the warehouse manually checking for inventory. This can be time-consuming, expensive, disruptive, require equipment (people lifts), and exposes people to safety risks. Most important of all, inventory accuracy is never guaranteed due to the verification process being manual, coupled with the time taken to execute.

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