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WaterCycle modeling software enables water treatment specialists to thoroughly model mineral scale potential over a narrow or broad operating range. French Creek modeling software offer extensive inhibitor modeling features, including custom formulation input.

Scale Prediction

Conditions vary frequently. Model scale potential over your systems entire operating range for 18+ scale forming species. WaterCycle Premium Editions include a 1010 Carbon Steel Corrosion Model.

Inhibitor Modeling

Premium Editions enable users to input their own custom formulations. French Creek provides models for most commonly used inhibitors. Custom materials and molecules can be entered with Laboratory Editions.

pH Control

WaterCycle can help estimate sulfuric or Hydrochloric acid requirements to maintain a prescribed pH control point.


Export beautiful, customer or presentation ready reports and visual aids


Since its original release in 1989, WaterCycle has been adopted by both Fortune 500 companies and regional water treatment service companies. Export one-page summary reports, pages of through data, and 2D & 3D color coded, visual aids..

WaterCycle is the most relied on tool for thorough cooling water chemistry modeling. The calculation engine does not rely on traditional indices (LSI, Larson Skold, etc.) but is instead powered by an ion association model, predicting scale saturation for 18+ scales.

Sharing WaterCycle scale prediction outputs is not only easy, but the outputs are understandable - no Chemistry PhD required.

With color coding, user needs to know: Blue Good - Red Bad.

WaterCycle Premium Editions users (see edition guide) can input and model custom products.

Using French Creek's wide raw material library, users can quickly input their own formulations. Models include most widely used generic (HEDP, PAA, etc.) and proprietary materials (Belclene, ACUMER, etc.).

Modeling includes insight on a products saturation level limitations and dosage recommendations for a given water analysis/system.

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