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WaterWare is implemented in an open, object-oriented client-server architecture, fully web-enabled and Internet based, supporting the seamless integration of databases, GIS, simulation and oiptimization models, and analytical tools into a common, easy-to-use framework. This includes a multimedia user interface with Internet access (using a standard web browser as the only client software required), a hybrid GIS with hierarchical map layers, object data bases, time series analysis, reporting functions, an embedded expert system for estimation, classification and impact assessment tasks, and a hypermedia help- and explain system.

Real-time data management, simulation and non-linear multi-objective, multi-criteria optimization modeling, with data assimilation, forecasting, and reporting, and support for operational management can be provided with a real-time rule-based expert system. Auxiliary tools manage user requirements and stakeholder preference structures for the participatory optimization.

Applications around the Mediterranean in the EU sponsored projects SMART and OPTIMA include river basins in Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Other international applications include Mexico, Malaysia, and China as well as the Nile Basin (for DSS training). Latest developments include real-time simulation based operational control of river basins, and urban and regional flood forecasting and management.

The base system includes:

  • System framework with GUI, help and explain hypertext, on-line manuals;
  • River Basin Object data base, including sub-catchments and river reaches;
  • Embedded hybrid GIS, MapServer, MapCatalog, MapComposition;
  • Embedded rule-based expert system (parameter estimation) and KnowledgeBase with parameter definitions for a generic, interactive 'intelligent' editing tool;
  • Monitoring data management and time series analysis,
  • Dynamic rainfall-runoff model (with optional automatic calibration tools) for sub-catchment water budgets, flooding, soil erosion and sediment transport;
  • WRM, Dynamic Water Resources allocation model, conjunctive use, including detailed economic assessment and valuation for cost-benefit analysis;
  • Irrigation water requirements estimation, dynamic input for WRM;
  • STREAM   a dynamic river water quality model (continuous, basin wide network, post-processing WRM hydrological scenarios)
  • Customized data import modules (import filters) for:
  • External monitoring networks and DBMS (ORACLE, MySQL, PostgreSQL);
  • GIS data formats including ArcView Shape files, TIF;
  • Object and time series data in MS/Access or Excel (.csv files)
  • Various document and image formats (PDF, DOC, HTML, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIF) as part of the River Basin Object data base.

Optional components include:

  • Support for real-time data capture and monitoring systems as well as scheduled model runs based on a real-time expert system;
  • Integration of a dynamic, distributed prognostic meteorological model (MM5) for high-resolution hydrometeorological inputs;
  • Rule-based expert system for environmental impact assessment of water resources projects;
  • Automatic calibration for RRM model;
  • Optimisation framework (non-linear, multi-objective, multi-criteria) for WRM, including economic and environmental criteria.
  • dynamic land use change model;
  • 2D groundwater flow and transport model;
  • dynamic land use change model.

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