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Laboratory personnel are typically moving about the laboratory throughout the day and need a way to quickly check work lists and status information without running back to their desks. The Wavefront Lab Status Board allows them to do just that. This program distills the essential information in LIMS and make it available to technicians and analysts with increased visibility. The lab status board is typically deployed on large LCD monitors throughout the laboratory in a manner similar to flight status monitors throughout an airport. By providing concise, real-time status information to the lab, workers can adjust their priorities to optimize lab efficiency.

  • The status board assists with eliminating bottlenecks, facilitating rapid turnaround time and improving customer service.
  • The Wavefront Lab Status Board is a dynamic screen displaying continuously updated scheduling information, statuses and other key laboratory information.
  • Multiple status boards can be deployed with each display customized to show dynamic lab information that is tailored to the needs of the individual work areas.
  • Laboratory personnel will be able to visually follow the workflow through the lab and be made instantly aware of shifting priorities.
  • For manufacturing labs implementing Lean, the status board can serve as a Kanban board for meetings.
  • The Wavefront Lab Status Board can also be made available from within Wavefront LIMS such that any LIMS user with appropriate security privileges can see the same continuously updated scheduling information as displayed on the large monitors.

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