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Weather Data Analysis and Observations Software


The SkyWise Platform. Build apps powered by the most accurate and expansive weather data in the world: Map Layers, Area Analysis, and Observations.

Are you a data scientist? A web, mobile, or GIS developer? Tap into a substantial catalog of weather analytics and information for integration into any project. Through a combination of cloud-based APIs, SDKs, ESRI Web Services, and gridded and point data sets, you can incorporate past, present, and future weather data and analytics.

Whether it’s a mobile or web application, ESRI platform, or your own Common Operating Picture, SkyWise APIs' weather data is ready to work for you. Not only can you integrate in a flash, you provide your users with the most accurate weather information and analytics available on the market today. Extend your potential with precision SkyWise weather data.

We want to give you access to our data for free while in the building stage of your project!

Insight API

Historical, current, and forecast weather data for any region you're interested in

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SkyWise GIS

Tell your story with the largest collection of tile layers on the market today

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Map Tiles API

Weather data visualizations in your own mapping environment

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Current & Forecast API

Point-specific current and forecast conditions throughout the globe

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