Columbia Weather Systems, Inc.

- Version 5.0 - Meteorological Monitoring Has a New Look

WeatherMaster 5.0™ updates the CWS proprietary weather monitoring software to standardize to the new design of the Weather Display and Weather Server. • HTML-based display screens make it easy for us to add graphical features and customize screens including wind roses, trend graphs, and logos for customer branding. • New Daily Statistics screen integrates Max/Min and other statistics for a more complete data snapshot. • New Latest Measurements screen reveals all available parameters, including specialized calculated parameters such as Wet Air Density. • Better synchronization with the Weather MicroServer provides a unified user experience. WeatherMaster offers real-time met sensor monitoring, with data logging and reports, multi-station monitoring, alarm notification, automatic CAMEO/ALOHA interface for hazardous chemical plume modeling, and automatic interface to Weather Underground. Current WeatherMaster customers can contact CWS for a free upgrade.