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EUREKA E!3266 WEBAIR develops and implements a web based information- and decision support system for urban and industrial air quality assessment and management. Emission inventories and models, integration of real-time monitoring data, scheduled, event driven and interactive runs of nested, cascading 3D simulation models, compliance monitoring and reporting, EIA and scenario analysis are main features. Multi-criteria optimization of emission control strategies for air pollutants and CO2 and GHG (exploiting co-benefits) and support for 3G mobile clients are the latest topics.


The system is designed to support relevant EU Directives such as the Air Quality Framework Directive (2008/50/EC) for urban conglomerates (replacing 96/62/EEC) and major industrial emission sources such as thermal power plants (88/609/EEC) or incinerators (89/429/EEC, 89/369/EEC), and 90/313/EEC on freedom of access to environmental information. It is also applicable for accidental release scenarios as part of emergency management plans under the Seveso II Directive (96/82/EC).

WEBAIR builds on E!1388 AIDAIR, a precursor project that has developed a basic interactive model based information and decision support system for urban and industrial air quality management.

The emphasis of the WEBAIR project is on multi-media information, and real-time analysis and decision support.

Implemented as an integrated set of web based application services, the tools are easyly accessible for distributed and mobile clients through the Internet with a standard web browser.

The approach integrates meteorological data and forecasts, air quality and emission monitoring including mobile sources such as traffic, dynamic 3D simulation modelling and forecasting, GIS, expert systems, optimisation, decision support and reporting tools in a unified, modular client/server framework implemented as a range of web accessible application services.

Applications include air quality monitoring and reporting, with scheduled or event driven real-time models for now-casting with data assimilation and forecasts of various time horizons, and the operational control of pollutant emissions to maintain ambient air quality standards, and model-based statistical analysis in support of monitoring programs to demonstrate compliance as examples of environmental eGovernment.

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