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Integrated Optimisation and Operations for Waste and Recycling Collection. Doing more with less is the priority for local authorities. For the waste and recycling team that means continuing to deliver the high quality services that members and residents expect, while reducing costs. We are helping our customers manage their day-to-day processes more efficiently at the same time as optimising the overall waste collection service.

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In order to address the challenge, our customers are looking to a number of new technologies and applications, and recognising the need to share data and process between systems. Our concept of the smart depot is built upon an integrated set of data and applications that support operations and optimisation at the same time.
Smart depots solutions don’t sit in isolation from other systems, but rather connect information and processes with other systems such as the contact centre, online forms, mobile data collection, vehicle systems, in order to support end-to-end processes and build the power of optimisation into daily operations.
Our Waste Manager solution is how we are helping our customers move towards a smart depot. It provides an integrated set of applications for round design, process management and mobile communications in waste and recycling collection.

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