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Planning new rounds is often the starting point for our customers and WM Design helps them to do this more easily and effectively. Our route optimisation app lets waste service managers reduce their costs, make the best use of resources and lower risk. It doesn’t replace your team’s expertise in planning collection rounds, just gives them the tools they need to work smarter.

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Reduce your costs 
Optimisation lowers the cost of waste collection by reducing the vehicles you need, the miles they travel and the fuel they use. It also means lower emissions and safer streets. Whatever rounds your crews work, effective round design ensures work is allocated fairly and everyone knows their work is achievable in practice.

Reduce your risk
Making big changes to your rounds can be risky and issues with waste collection get a lot of attention. So change is important to get right. The accuracy and flexibility of our optimisation technology, together with our robust methodology based on hundreds of projects, provides you with the reassurance that planned changes will work as expected and reduces the risk of public disruption.

Optimise resources 
Councils use WM Design to assess alternative service scenarios. At this stage, the question is what resource do we need. By quickly evaluating the potential benefits of different service options – such as frequencies, shifts or locations - users are able to determine which options to take forward and present robust and accurate figures to council committees.

Optimise routes 
When it comes time to implement your chosen service scenario, WM Design helps you plan an efficient set of rounds. Our route planning algorithms determine an efficient way operate each round and can be tailored with your team to account for the specific parameters and safety hazards associated with each round.

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