- Route Optimisation for Winter Maintenance Software


Whether you are looking to reduce costs or increase the effectiveness of existing resources, adjusting and optimising your routes should be a key part of your annual winter planning and review process. Our route optimisation solution puts you in control of designing more efficient routes that maximise treatment time, reduce travel and cut your costs.

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Cut your service costs 
Webaspx cuts operating costs by helping you design a more efficient set of gritting routes - reducing the amount of fuel you use, and the amount of overtime you pay and possibly the number of vehicles you need.

No Compromise 
Optimisation isn’t about comprising your service. By ensuring you get the most from your available resources, we give you the opportunity do more with less, and reduces the risk you won’t cover every road that needs gritting.

Evaluate your service options 
To plan properly, winter maintenance teams need to evaluate a number of different service options quickly and accurately. Our solution lets you run scenarios that vary shift patterns, depot locations, changes to climatic domains and the proportion of the network treated, and provide robust options that are accurate enough to be carried forward into operations.

Pays for itself 
Whether you’ve been tasked with treating more of the network or reducing winter costs, optimising your winter maintenance routes is typically achieved at zero net cost. The savings create a positive return on investment within the first year.

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