- Certified Software for Data Acquisition and Processing of Industrial Emissions



WEX is a powerful software specially designed for the management of industrial gaseous emissions, solid or liquid in compliance with applicable regulations.

  • Interactive configuration and management of interactive measurement systems (analyzers, samplers, data acquisition, communication)
  • Full traceability of all events and technical data
  • Automatic management of calibrations in compliance with the QAL3 procedure
  • Management of the QAL2 calibration function (capture, monitoring, reporting)
  • Management of successive levels of the measures (humid, dry, corrected)
  • Controls the quality of the data and availability
  • Data processing and automatic reporting
  • Real-time control of regulatory compliance for gas, solid and liquid waste
  • Supervision of the analyzers’ state, regulatory counters
  • Management and display of trends for regulatory periods
  • Alerts on events (defaults, alarms, maintenance…)
  • Automatic control of failover of analyzers and /or the server
  • System administration (backup, user profiles, access rights…)
  • Remote connection via a secure connection for maintenance

  • Available for Windows or Linux platforms
  • Architecture: Client Server
  • Number of workstations: Unlimited (depending on license)
  • Number of measures managed: Unlimited (depending on license)

  • Directive n° 2010/75/UE (IED)
  • Directive n° 2001/80/EC (LCPD)
  • Directive n° 2000/76/CE (WID)
  • EN 14 181 : QAL1, QAL2, QAL3

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