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Pipe inspection data—it’s only as valuable as the insight it gives you, and WinCan VX revolutionizes how you make decisions based on the rich data today’s inspection technologies capture. Imagine a single, integrated application with the power to manage your resources and assets in real time.

  • Comply. Gather standards-compliant data for analysis and reporting. WinCan supports 50-plus defect catalogs (including PACP/MACP and WRc), and can validate external data.
  • Analyze. Run sophisticated queries to understand specific maintenance needs. WinCan VX delivers results in detailed reports, on a map, or as raw exported data.
  • Share. Publish completed inspections securely to the cloud, where clients can view them instantly. Inspections can also be distributed using a free viewer version of WinCan VX.
  • Report. Design elegant, information-rich reports from the ground up using raw and filtered data, photos, and schematic illustrations—or simply modify a canned template.
  • Integrate. Work with any inspection equipment, and interface with major municipal databases and GIS. WinCan VX also supports big data on Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Decide. Extract the actionable intelligence needed to make critical maintenance decisions. WinCan VX helps you budget and manage resources, and anticipate future needs.

  • compatibility: Work interchangeably with all major brands of inspection equipment, GIS systems and asset-management software.
  • code hinting: Simply key in a term to see all observation codes containing it. Alternately, navigate to the proper code using a hierarchical menu, or type in a portion of the code to have it auto-completed.
  • graphical presentation: View data in tabular and schematic formats.
  • flexible interface: Rearrange WinCan’s layout to suit your work style.
  • basic reporting: Generate stunning deliverables from scratch or with prede¬ned templates.
  • custom data ltering: Filter on any ¬eld (or combination thereof ), including classi¬cation.
  • free viewer software: Share inspection results with anyone on your choice of digital media.
  • universal GIS compatibility
  • basic mapping: Display inspection data on a GIS map for easy navigation and selection.
  • standards support: Choose any one inspection standard from all supported standards (including PACP, MACP and WRc).
  • annotation: Create sketches and drawings, and attach typed notes.
  • project manager: Search large collections of projects using custom-de¬ned queries.
  • statistical analysis: Interpret data to discover trends in infrastructure condition.
  • data mapping: Generate heat maps and other visualizations of inspection data.
  • auto severity ratings: Prioritize maintenance by understanding the most critical needs.

Synchronize work flow and instantly share results.
Process and teamwork—both are essential for effectively managing your wastewater collection network, from inspection and cleaning to maintenance, rehab and replacement. WinCan VX implements industry best practices, seamlessly coordinating your personnel and work flows. With inspection results shared instantly via WinCan Web, your decisions are always based on the most complete, current data.

step 1
Developing the next year's fiscal plan, city council asks the public works director to prepare a budget for collection system upgrades.

step 2
At the director’s request, the superintendent and engineer perform a system-wide analysis, using WinCan Analyst to generate a heat map showing sections with condition ratings below 3. WinCan warns inspections for six sections are past due.

step 3
To update these inspections, the engineer's GIS specialist selects the corresponding sections in WinCan Map and collects them into a project, which is forwarded to the city's inspection contractor.

step 4
The contractor views the project on WinCan Web, and then visualizes the data in Google Maps to plan crew assignments.

step 5
The crews import their assigned sections, which are pre-populated with header data and GIS coordinates. They perform the inspections, capturing standardscompliant data with help from WinCan's intuitive code hinting, image measurement capabilities, and customizable interface.

step 6
The contractor effortlessly merges the work of his crews back into a single project and updates WinCan Web, all with no intervention from the city’s IT department.

step 7
Automatically notified of the update, the engineer reviews a new heat map, and then ¬ne-tunes the selection of assets by running a custom filter to account for asset age, material composition, and number of rate-payers served.

step 8
The supervisor reviews the proposed upgrades, then uses WinCan Evaluator to assign budgetary costs to each based on prevailing rates.

step 9
The public works director emails the council a budgetary estimate, with graphical reports and maps to substantiate it, plus a link to WinCan Map so council members can drill down to specific problems—all in time for the evening council meeting.

Scale to meet any challenge.
WinCan VX lets you invest in the functionality you require today, and then add bandwidth and capabilities as future needs arise. Value bundles make essential functionality affordable even for the smallest municipality, with the assurance that down the road you can expand into enterprise databases, GIS, cloud storage, and scanning; coordinate multiple crews, projects and clients; and manage tens of thousands of assets in a network database environment. Growing organizations demand versatility, and WinCan VX scales to meet your future.

value bundles: These popular combinations of core functionality and add-on modules offer savings over individually purchased components.
modules: These extensions to the core application let you add specific capabilities as needs arise.
subscriptions: With a subscription, you can license WinCan for a  at annual fee while gaining access to cloud storage, support, training and every software update.


WinCan Web
Securely publish inspection data, images and video to the cloud using your own server or WinCan's. An authorized user can view up-to-the minute results on any platform using a common Web browser. No more versioning issues or missing codecs, WinCan Web brings data effortlessly to the cloud.

Report generato
A powerful yet intuitive layout environment makes it easy to create advanced reports, even for beginners. Start from scratch, or modify canned reports simply by dragging and dropping objects, field data, and variables directly into a WYSIWYG interface. Save and share report templates, and save completed reports in PDF or Excel format.

Export WinCan VX data in accordance with any of 50-plus supported inspection standards. Because exported data complies with the structure specified by the standard, and resides in a platform neutral format (such as XML or TXT), recipients are assured a trouble-free import.

Check pipe inspection data for accuracy, completeness and standards compliance. A detailed validation report identifies probable quality issues and suggests fixes.

Text overlay
Connect directly with your text generator hardware to superimpose text on live video. A bar at the bottom of the WinCan interface lets you select what text to display (distance, date, time, inclination, etc.), in what position, and when. This module supports more than 35 common text generator models.

Ring laser
Capture the cross-sectional pattern cast by a ring laser to create a 3D model of a pipe’s profile, as well as generate reports on ovality, capacity and diameter. This WRc-certified module works with all laser hardware and exports geometric data to CAD applications as DXF.


Identify sags and other potential flow problems by viewing inclination across the length of a section. Inclination data is read from any properly equipped inspection crawler, and then displayed as a line graph. It is stored with other section data, and can be printed as a PDF report. For safety, an alert can be activated for excessive inclinations.

Point laser
Determine pipe diameter simply by aiming an inspection camera with laser calipers at the pipe wall and rotating it 360 degrees. This module calculates pipe diameter by isolating the laser dots and tracking the change in their distance on screen as the camera rotates.


Calculate maintenance costs based on current condition in accordance with PACP 6.0, WRc-5 and other standards like Isybau 2012/2001/96 and DWA 149-3. Value-adjusted maintenance planning helps ensure proper prioritization of maintenance activities.

Designed around a touchscreen interface, ProClean captures complete data regarding how pipe is cleaned, including pipe video, manhole pictures, location coordinates, and water usage data. It then generates a professional PDF report.

Capture standards-compliant data for manhole attributes and condition, and then generate manhole-specific reports complete with profile and overhead schematic drawings.

Lateral launch
Perform standards-compliant capture, analysis, reporting and export of lateral data. When used with WinCan Map, laterals can be plotted in GIS and exported to a DXF.

Touchscreen data entry and a large video display make ProTouch the ideal standalone app for tablet-based documentation of push camera inspections. ProTouch interfaces with WinCan 3D (sold separately) to automatically generate a virtual model of inspected pipes.


Task automation
Establish rules to automate common tasks like merging crew inspections, data back-up, video conversion, and cloud upload via WinCan Web.

Data transfer
In a single step, synchronize data from multiple crews with your central database, even within the same project. Also automate off-hours backup, review transfer logs, and manage crew licenses.

Oracle/SQL Server
Manage, filter and edit thousands of sections in a single enterprise database. Easily transfer sections to crews, then merge them back when done.

Optimally balance video quality with ¬le size using a real-time hardware encoder (sold separately) or off-line software encoding.

Perform simple software compression using a basic A/D video converter.

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