AWS Truepower, LLC

AWS Truepower, LLC

Wind Data and Reports Software


AWS Truepower’s data and maps are derived from simulations of historical atmospheric conditions performed by a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model. Most of these products are available through the Windnavigator platform. The model output is further downscaled with a microscale model accounting for local terrain and surface influences, and adjusted using available high-quality wind measurements. Our approach has been thoroughly validated and uncertainty statistics are available.

Maps and Resource Data
  • Quickly prospect and analyze sites
  • 200 m resolution data
  • User-entered hub height (between 10m and 140m)
  • GIS formats compatible with standard GIS software
  • Formats: GeoTIFF, ESRI Point Shapefiles (.shp)
Time Series
  • Typical year virtual met masts for preliminary energy estimates
  • Global reanalysis data from MERRA-2, ERAI, and CFSR
    • 1979 to the present
    • Useful for MCP in many simple sites
  • Custom WRF-based historical time series (up to 35 years)
  • Great for MCP, especially in complex sites
  • Includes winds, temperatures, solar irradiance and precipitation variables for complete conditions analysis
  • CSV format – Imports easily to Openwind, Windographer and other plant design and resource assessment software
Wind Resource Grid
  • Site met towers
  • Design preliminary turbine layouts and obtain preliminary energy estimates
  • User-entered hub height (between 10m and 140m)
Site Reports
  • Comprehensive resource summaries for a point
  • Compare energy for up to 3 turbine models
  • Extensive charts and graphs including wind rose, frequency, distribution & monthly diurnal data
  • Based on 200m resolution data
  • Many additional features included
  • PDF format

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