- Version 6.4 - Geoelectrical Sounding Interpretation Software


This software works under Windows 32 and 64 bits It takes benefit of its display qualities, uses all the peripherals for printing and allows the transfer of the graphs by copy-and-paste and as metafiles. The use of the software is easy and intuitive.

The measured values and the spread geometry can be loaded as ABEM, Syscal or Geotrade files or be entered conveniently in a spreadsheet. The electric model can be proposed by the user or calculated automatically by the software starting from the measured values (inverse modelling). In both cases, the software allows automatic adjustment (least squares) of the model. During adjustment, it is possible to fix any of the resistivities and thicknesses, for example for the calibration on a nearby mechanical survey.

This software is designed for Schlumberger, Wenner and pole-pole arrays. The possibility of displaying several surveys simultaneously facilitates the comparison between nearby surveys. The displayed curves, as well as the electric model of the active survey, with altitudes of the grounds and its raw data, are printed on any printer supported by Windows® and can also be transferred as metafiles. Version 6 makes it possible to carry out electric profiles of surveys.

This software may also extract one or more (up to 100) soundings from data of resistivity tomography in Wenner spread. The data may be extracted from sorted files produced by the program RES2DINV (not supplied). The soundings extracted by the software may be used to draw an electric profile as a layered earth model (right hand profile).

This software is also convenient for measuring precisely the ground resistivity according to IEEE 81 part 1 Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity as required, for example, by the IEEE 80 Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding. A simplified version of this software limited to 2 layers is also proposed for use in accordance with this standard.

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