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Utilities subject to NERC regulation must maintain a centralized repository of assets and configuration details. Compliance rules for configuration management are enforced for high and medium impact Cyber Assets as classified by the NERC CIP standards.  This enforcement consists of changes to all these identified assets, including patch management.

The task of baselining asset configurations and enforcing change control can be extremely difficult and labor intensive, especially when multiple sites and silos of information are involved. Using spreadsheets may work temporarily, but it is not sustainable by any means; it is error-prone and may expose the facility to additional risks. Using a homegrown application or database is also risky because the facilities soon discover that the job of maintaining these systems and supporting the regulatory changes using their homegrown tools is costly.

CWP from WizNucleus is a proven software solution with strong experience in the Operations Technology (OT) environment. It is designed to automate the management of configuration baselining, monitoring, and the enforcement of changes to Cyber Assets, as required in NERC CIP-010. CWP can import asset and configuration details from a variety of information silos and lets you review all assets and configuration details instantly upon installation of the software.

CWP from WizNucleus has an easy-to-use, searchable relational database which acts as a central repository of configuration details for IT and OT devices, to support the NERC CIP compliance audits. In the CWP database, all assets and their respective configurations are available at-a-glance and come with the ability to drill down to details of ports, services, software, patches, and users. All changes to the configuration baseline, including approvals and security control testing, are part of an audit trail that supports annual reviews. This task is virtually impossible to maintain on any regular, repeatable basis without a tool like WizNucleus CWP.

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