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The Software for the WLM-SYSTEM manages both the data transfer between the central PC and the WLM-Sensors, and enables a graphical and numerical display of these data. The user-friendly software provides the operator with information about the current leakage situation of the surveyed zone in the network. On an overall map the user verifies graphically if and where a leak appears. A more detailed screen of the failure (leakage zone) shows the numerical values and a time dependent diagram of Flow Noise Pressure and Temperature (optional).

  • Easy setup
  • Short and long time reports
  • Automatic offset adjusting of min/max levels
  • Compare measuring points just by one click
  • Automatic boundary setting
  • SMS info and warning
  • Remote setting of WLM-Sensors (i.e. measuring time)
  • Live data online and historical information
  • Automatic export option (connection to SCADA)
  • Totalizer for single meter or DMA including data form 3rd party (water balance)
  • Easy zoning option (DMA) or virtual zoning

The WLM-Sensor is based on the electro magnetic method and is designed as insertion probe. A key feature of the flow sensor is the ability of measuring very low flow speeds (1 cm/s). This enables system to detect smallest leaks even when it starts leaking.

The WLM-Sensor can be used with the internal data logger or it can be directly connected to any SCADA system.

  • Pressure and levelogger for different application from 0,4 bar (resovoirs, ground water level) to 30,0 bar (high pressure systems)
  • Battery powered
  • Up to 120m cable


  • Pressure logging
  • Impulse counter for flow measurement
  • Level metering
  • Termperature recording
  • Various sensors for 0-10V, 4-20mA, impulse, etc.


  • Memory up to 1.000.000 values
  • 10 years battery lifetime
  • Operation temperature -25°C to +60°C
  • Online data transmission
  • Online parameter setting
  • SMS alarm for 48 boundary values
  • Full compatibility to the WLM-SYSTEM
  • AQUALYS Software

Data Transmission

  • GPRS
  • TCP
  • Ethernet
  • CSD
  • Direct / LWL
  • 4-20mA interface


The new-generation lightweight LC-2500 brings a new dimension to leak detection. It's extremely portable and easy to set up and run. Input pipe materials, pipe diameters, and lengths between Red and Blue sensors by simply selecting them in the program menus. The automatic functions can do the rest. The Main processor Unit displays the correlation 'picture' and the distances to the leak from the Red pre-amp transmitter and the Blue pre-amp transmitter.


With digital noise reduction that removes intermittent sounds like barking dogs and passing vehicles. DNR-18: the advanced digital CPU eliminates intermittent interfering noises, like passing vehicles, people talking, and pedestrian footsteps. Traditional band-pass filters filter continuous noises, such as A/C hum, idling motors, and wind.


This is the High Performance acoustic leak detector. It has been 10 years since the HG-10All went on sale and this has built a solid reputation due to useful hand-switch and light weight sensor. It allows accurate pinpointing of the actual leak. HG-10All professionals Water Leak Detector has optional 3 contact rod for Water leak surveying.


The PL-2000 offers a new approach in high power, low frequency location. With 3 active frequencies, 0.5kHz, 8kHz, and 27kHz and 2 passive frequencies, 50/60Hz, as a Live Cable detection mode and both inductive and direct connection capabilities, the PL-2000 is powerful and versatile. Can trace and locate any continuous metal such as iron, steel, and copper water lines, gas lines, tracer wire by plastic pipe, telephone/TV cables, copper and aluminum wire, conduit and power lines.


The FSB-8D is a small, compact electronic sound detector for finding water leaks. Especially, FSB-8D is well-suited to Water Leak Surveying on pipe of Plastic pipes like PVC and PE.

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